10 Eggplant Varieties You’ll Want in Your Crop Mix

Length: 7.5 inches Days to maturity: 55 from transplant. It's more or less concentrated, but it continues to set and will provide a second crop later in the season. Region(s): Widely adapted, and ideal for short season and where fruit needs to set in cool weather Other: A1014, bred by Vilmorin, has firm, fancy fruit, and the cap and stem are totally spineless. It also separates easily from the plant. The plant is compact and does not need to be staked, unless grown on sand. Seedway.com
Length: 6 to 8 inches long/ 2.5 to 3.5 inch diameter Days to maturity: 65 Other: This high-yielding, oval, white eggplant boasts attractive and uniform cylindrical fruit. It's suitable for heated and unheated structures, as well as open field production. Well-branched, sturdy plants, spineless green calyx, it can perform for spring/summer and winter cultivation. RijkZwaan.com
Breeder: Seminis Disease package: Tobacco mosaic virus resistance Days to maturity: 64 Other: 36-inch tall plant, oval, purple-black fruit RuppSeeds.com
Length: 7 to 8 inches Days to maturity: 80 from transplant Region(s): All U.S. Other: Lovely colored eggplant for specialty markets. SeedsByDesign.com
Length: 2 to 4 inches Disease package: Phompsis blight Days to maturity: 65 to 70 from transplant Yield: 5 to 6 fruits per truss Region(s): From Southeast U.S. to Southwest U.S Other: Striped, purple violet fruit, glossy with white stripes, few seeds, and a very sweet, non-bitter flavor. GoldenValleySeed.com
Length: 8.5 inches Days to maturity: 63 from transplant Yield: Excellent over a long season. Sets fruit early and continuously. Region(s): Lucillia is new, so the range is not fully evaluated. That said, it should work everywhere. Other: Lucilla is a fancy striped eggplant with very glossy and firm fruit. Compared to other striped eggplant, Lucilla has a darker, fresh looking background color, smaller spineless cap, and larger fruit. The lack of spines is a real advantage compared to most striped eggplant. Photo note: There is one Nubia fruit on the left, which is a normal striped eggplant. Seedway.com
Breeder: Seminis Length: Long, large fruit Days to maturity: 75 Yield: Very good Region(s): Northeast; Mid-Atlantic; Midwest Other: Black color, firm fruit StokesSeeds.com
Type: Hybrid Sicilian Eggplant Other: Beautiful, early hybrid Sicilian type with medium-sized plant. Fruit holds well without getting seedy. Siegers.com
Length: 6 to 8 inches Days to maturity: 70 to 80 from transplant Yield: High Region(s): Throughout North America Other: This Asian-type eggplant has very few seeds, tender skin, and a very white interior. Very productive, semi-spineless plants. SakataVegetables.com
Length: 5 to 7 inches Days to maturity: 75 Yield: High Region(s): Eastern U.S. Other: Classic teardrop shape, smooth when mature, and creamy white fruit RuppSeeds.com

From traditional dark-purple eggplants to more novel shapes and colors, these varieties are worth a closer look.