New Pumpkin, Sweet Corn, Broccoli, And Cantaloupe Varieties From Rupp Seeds

Emerald Jewel broccoli


Some of the latest varieties available from Rupp Seeds, Inc. include pumpkin, sweet corn, broccoli, and cantaloupe.

A new variety available from Enza Zaden is a cantaloupe called Majus. This cantaloupe is the “big brother” to Tirreno and has notable plant health and yields. The 6- to 8-pound fruit with firm flesh also has good holding ability.

From Rupp, is Solid Gold is a 100-day hybrid pumpkin variety. Excellent color, handles, and yield are among the characteristics of this 25-pound pumpkin.

A new 81-day bicolor sweet corn variety, SV9010SA, is from the Seminis Performance Series. The variety shows improved rust resistance, provides dual modes of action for above and below-ground insects, and it shows Roundup tolerance.

In the broccoli department, Emerald Jewel is an 80-day variety from Sakata. Late spring/early summer and late fall harvests are recommended. Suited for crown cut, this multi-use variety sports a small beaded, smooth head and is clean-stemmed.

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