Reasons Aplenty Florida Growers Should Feel Good Going Into 2015 [Opinion]

Paul Rusnak_optimizedThere are days to remember and others to forget. The same goes for certain weeks, months, and even years, too. This past year, like most on record, has provided highlights and lowlights alike for me and every other living soul on the planet.


For the most part, the 2014 campaign has been pretty positive for Florida agriculture, and there are more than a few reasons to feel good going into 2015.

Inroads continue to be made regarding crop protection tools and products, more efficient production methods, smart marketing, and the development of varieties better suited to take a beating and still be considered great eating.
Maybe there are other recent trends or experiences that have you geared up to grow.

The Rear View Mirror

In scanning through Florida Grower eNews’ top headlines during 2014, a few stood out as harbingers of happier times.

Did I miss something? Probably. Let me know what headline(s) you’d hang your hat on.

2015 Fantasy Headlines

So what does 2015 hold? Your guess is as good as mine. For fun, let’s conjure up some future breaking news we’d all (or at least one of us) like to see.

  • EPA Follows Florida’s Lead On Water
  • Orange Crop Surges Past Forecast
  • Farm Labor Plentiful In Wake Of Immigration Reform
  • Scientists Find Citrus Greening Cure (Oh, what if?)
  • Florida Grower Editor Wins Powerball (I can dream, can’t I?)

Yes, some of these might sound a little far-fetched. Perhaps. I guess that’s up to us. Let’s take 2014’s momentum and make 2015 one to remember — fondly.