World Ag Expo 2015: New Tools For Growers

Here are a few of the products we uncovered at this year’s Tulare, CA, show that might be of interest to you.



Portable Wind Machine
T+B Portable WindThe design and application of new technologies in the Tow and Blow portable wind machines are bringing growers new and improved crop protection for all kinds of horticulture.

Protecting up to 10 acres at a time, the machines provide effective frost and heat protection, and are quiet, appealing to farmers dealing with noise ordinances and close neighbors. They also reduce C0² emissions and fuel consumption — 1.5 gallons per hour compared to a traditional machine that uses 8 gallons per hour.
Unique benefits include:

Frost Protection: The impeller can be set to oscillate at any degree or angle for the most efficient protection of crops growing on all kinds of terrain.

Evaporative Cooling: Machines can be used as an evaporative ventilation system to cool crops. A misting option is also available which uses approximately ½ gallon of water per minute and requires only a garden hose.

High Performance: A number of features contribute to the highly efficient machine, including using one gallon of fuel per hour. Also, a shrouded impeller increases the efficiency of airflow by 95% as compared to traditional fans,



Simple Pump Solar Package

solar pump

Simple Pump is introducing a new, totally integrated, standalone solar drive system. This new solar drive system has been designed to work with any of the existing Simple Pump hand pumps in service today, or as part of a first-time purchase of the fully automated, no-hands pump system.

This system is ideal as a pump for well water, as a backup pump, or anyone choosing to live off grid (full or part time).

The drive motor and control box simply bolt onto the pump head using the same four bolts that would normally hold the hand lever bracket in place. The solar array and the battery bank plug directly into the connectors on the bottom of the control box and the system is complete and ready to go.

Depending on which of the two pump cylinders is being used, and the depth of the static water level, with an eight-hour run time, the system can deliver between 400 and 1,200 gallons per day.



Deep Root Irrigation System

Deep Root Irrigation SystemThe Deep Root Irrigation system is the simple process of inserting a DRI unit into the ground until buried and attaching it to your drip emitter. This will direct your water and nutrients directly to the root zone. By watering your fruit-bearing plants from below, the roots will grow deeper making them less susceptible to extreme heat, drought, and some diseases. The DRI system uses significantly less water than surface irrigation methods, saving as much as 50% of your water use.

The DRI-3, the DRI-6, and the DRI-12, are available in the DRI system to provide irrigation and nutrients to the root zone of your fruit tree crops and fruiting vegetables.

The DRI-12 is used for all fruit tree applications. New plantings will typically only require one DRI-12 unit inserted into the ground within 12 inches of the trunk. Orchard trees that are more than three years old will need two DRI-12 units per tree. The flow rate is determined by the size and type of drip emitter you attach the DRI unit to.

The DRI-6 is ideal for all your planted vines or bushes from blue berries and blackberries to kumquats.



Hybrid Shipper Bin
hybrid shipping crateThe Shipper Bin is an innovative bin solution to handle, store and ship produce in bulk. The new Shipper Bin is an ultra-lightweight, all-plastic bin that allows the user to handle product directly from the field, store it, and ship it, in the same bin. The bin can be dissembled and nested for return and re-use.

Expendable packaging material is eliminated, cutting down on waste. It is a an inexpensive returnable-reusable shipping bin solution. The design features a plastic bin fixed within a lightweight plastic frame for structural support. It has excellent ventilation to keep produce fresh
during refrigeration.

With external measurements of 48 inches in length, 44 inches in width and 30¾ inches in height, the polypropylene, UV-stabilized Hybrid 44 Series bin has a load capacity of 1,300 pounds and a tare weight of 63 pounds. Its size maximizes the space in refrigerated trucks, when empty in dry van trucks and refer sea containers, and when full of product. It also maximizes the space in a dry sea container when returned empty.


Earth Talon Shovel
ET_Render_no_logoForget hacking away with an ordinary shovel. The Curry Tool Works Corp. provides efficiency and productivity with the addition of the first asymmetrical edge shovel: The Earth Talon Shovel. The added point or “talon” makes breaking into hard, rocky soils easier, and can also aid in weeding, trenching, root ball disassembly, and cutting sod. Because of its point, less surface space impedes penetration of the soil. Three models are available.

Features include:
• Multi-purpose 2-inch Talon point
• Hardened, tempered steel for durable edge and point
• 25% thicker steel than standard shovels
• Extended steel neck for strength
• Double riveted handle
• Powder-coated finish
• Steel shank bridges shovel blade
with hand, reinforced with steel
collar junction
• 2-inch offset fiberglass handle,
4-inch lift
• Extra wide, gripping foot rest