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Close-up of a brown stink bug
October 18, 2016
Stink Bugs On The Rise In Homes In Washington State
The notorious brown marmorated stink bug has turned up in large numbers in the Pacific Northwest, no damage to crops. Read More
Photo credit: USDA
Insect & Disease Update
October 18, 2016
Asian Citrus Psyllid Quarantine Expands In California
Multiple life stages found in trees in the city of Lincoln. Read More
Farm Marketing
October 13, 2016
What Next? What To Do After A Natural Disaster At Your Farm
Between drought in the Northeast, forest fires in the West, and Hurricane Matthew in the Southeast, many growers and marketers are trying to figure out what their next steps should be. Read More
Hurricane Matthew-Damaged trellises of Asian vegetables
October 13, 2016
How Florida Agriculture Weathered Hurricane Matthew’s Greatest Hits [Slideshow]
Even though the major storm didn't make landfall in the Sunshine State, Mother Nature made sure to leave her mark. Read More
squeezing an orange
October 12, 2016
Squeeze Felt In Season’s First Florida Citrus Forecast
USDA estimates all-orange crop to be down more than 11 million boxes from last season’s final tally. Read More
(Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Farm Management
October 11, 2016
Disaster Areas Declared For East Coast States Due To Spring Freeze, Drought
Assistance is available for growers who experienced a damaging hard freeze in the spring and extreme drought in the summer. Read More
Closeup of Hurricane Matthew-damaged squash crops in Northeast Florida
October 10, 2016
Damage Assessments, Recovery Begin In Wake Of Matthew
Early estimates on property losses surge into the billions. FEMA assistance now available. Read More
Mediterranean fruit fly (photo credit: Scott Bauer, USDA Agricultural Research Service, Bugwood.org)
Crop Protection
October 4, 2016
Scientists Reveal Fruit Fly’s Genetic Code
Researchers will begin to explore new ways to break the reproductive cycle of this pest. Read More
'Overgreen' pepper from Syngenta maintains deep color longer and provides growers with broader window for harvest.
Photo courtesy of Syngenta
October 3, 2016
Forget Donald And Hillary – Vote Your Berry
California Giant trending on #BerriesforPresident; strawberries are leading blueberries. Read More
Accuweather Winter 2016-2017 forecast map
September 29, 2016
Winter Is Coming, And It Could Get Wicked
Forecast sees heightened freeze threat for Florida citrus; frequent snow to blast Northeast. Read More
The Latest
October 25, 2016
Agricultural Mechanization: One Theme Of…
The show to be held in Italy will highlight some of the latest spraying, irrigation, and harvesting equipment. Read More
October 25, 2016
New Technology Aims To Develop Climate-T…
Genomics are being used to help develop winegrape varieties. Read More
Crop Protection
October 25, 2016
New Technique Promising For Controlling …
Spray rigs are designed to increase efficiency while still controlling targeted pests. Read More
October 25, 2016
Pecan Growers Still Assessing Damage Fro…
Growers are hoping for federal assistance as cleanup from the storm continues. Read More
October 25, 2016
4 Tasty Tomatoes Guaranteed To Tempt Con…
Scan a slideshow of images to find out what new selections are specially suited for the Sunshine State. Read More
More Vegetables
October 25, 2016
Duda Farm Fresh Foods Launches New Celer…
The celery product will be available from November through January. Read More
Crop Protection
October 25, 2016
Vegetable Grafting Facility Gears Up For…
The Tri-Hishtil vegetable grafting facility in North Carolina hopes to double grafted plant production by next year. Read More
October 24, 2016
California Citrus Growers Can Target Res…
Program sponsored by Bayer allows growers to identify and request removal of abandoned trees that pose a threat to their groves. Read More
October 24, 2016
$62.5M In Specialty Crop Grants Awarded
More than 690 specialty crop production projects funded to strengthen the future American agriculture. Read More
October 24, 2016
Incentives Key To Getting Florida Citrus…
Job No. 1 at Florida Citrus Mutual is working to uncover, create, or publicize incentive programs designed to mitigate the risk and give growers a financial nudge and the confidence to plant trees. Read More
October 23, 2016
Take Precaution, Free Trade Could Be Cos…
With more imports, we have to redouble our efforts to protect ourselves from foreign pest invaders. Read More
Insect Control
October 22, 2016
Prevent Black Cutworms From Burying Your…
Learn how to identify, the survival and spread, as well as management methods for this voracious pest. Read More
October 21, 2016
Plant Growth Regulator For California No…
ReTain, a PGR from Valent U.S.A., has a new use that improves almond nut-set. Read More
October 21, 2016
Florida Agriculture Hall Of Fame Celebra…
The class of 2017 features individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the state’s farming industry and mentored future leaders in this field. Read More
October 21, 2016
Top 3 Invasive Pests Florida Growers Nee…
The Sunshine State is ground zero when it comes to foreign pests that can turn agriculture upside down. Read More
Sweet Corn
October 20, 2016
12 Sweet Corn Varieties Florida Growers …
Open your eyes and ears to the latest and greatest cultivars. Read More
October 20, 2016
Meet Newest University Of California Nut…
The newest University of California Cooperative Extension nut crop advisor, Mae Culumber, is based in Fresno County. Culumber has a PhD in Read More
October 20, 2016
Irrigation App Apt To Save Avocado Growe…
Fleshing out of technology developed by University of Florida scientists shows what methods yield the best results. Read More
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