Paul Rusnak

Cheers to Celebrating 75 Years of Florida Agriculture

Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association’s annual convention reaches a mighty milestone.

What to Ask When Seeking Your First Job in Agriculture

The first steps taken to prepare yourself for a career in any industry can be quite simple.

Sights Set on New Citrus Demonstration Block in Florida

Growers’ needs being considered in design for unique scion trial grove.

Soured Season Hard to Swallow for Florida Citrus Stakeholders

After Hurricane Irma took a toll on production, growers hope for better days ahead.

Longtime Produce Industry Leader and Advocate to Retire

Mike Stuart has been at the helm of Florida’s Fruit & Vegetable Association for more than 25 years.

Trade Conflicts Can and Will Impact Florida Agriculture

NAFTA and China heavily influence the flow of goods in and out of the state.

Ways Produce Growers Can up Their Organic Game

Organics are hot. Consumer demand and continued market growth are creating more opportunities for farmers.

Optimism is Alive and Well for Future of Florida Citrus

Scientific progress and fortitude helping the Sunshine State’s signature crop and its producers grow stronger amid adversity.

Florida Looks to Honor its Next Woman of the Year in Agriculture

Longtime state award program continues to raise awareness about individuals who’ve made a lasting impact on the farming industry.

Vanilla Spice Could Be Extra Nice for Florida Farmers

Researchers vetting fragrant, flavorful alternative crop for commercial production possibility.

Where Have All the Florida Grapefruit Gone?

Latest USDA crop estimate comes up sour again for growers fighting disease, hurricane, and real estate pressures.

Will it Fly? Senate-Backed Farm Bill Makes Way for Hemp Growth

Measure included in proposed piece of legislation would provide the plant legalized status.

Wendy’s Adds New Greenhouse Tomato Initiative to Its Menu

Fast food giant makes major commitment to fresh produce grown exclusively indoors.

Oriental Fruit Fly Threat Surfaces in South Florida

Multiple findings of exotic pest push local agriculture officials to launch eradication efforts.

Last Call to Complete 2017 Census of Agriculture

Farmers’ feedback needed to help secure future funding for horticulture programs across the country.

5 Farm Tractor Maintenance Tips for Summer

The performance of your farm equipment in the peak season depends on maintaining it throughout the off-season.

2018 Hurricane Season Predictions Coming in Hot 

NOAA issues forecast that includes a 75% chance tropical activity will be near or above-normal.

Still a Long Row to Hoe in Citrus Greening Fight

Despite still no cure for the devastating disease, the ongoing concerted effort to keep trees as productive as possible is beyond impressive.

Researchers Hope to Defuse Fusarium Wilt With Friendly Fungi

Unique biocontrol strategy could help vegetable growers manage deadly plant pathogen.

Bonds Between All Farmers Are Plentiful and Powerful

Crop segments aside, there’s strength, grit, hope, challenge, passion, selflessness, and service that deeply root all involved in this field.