Paul Rusnak

Labor Costs a Concern for Tree Fruit Growers in New Zealand

Yield estimation, multi-row spraying part of the discussion during IFTA tour; seen as next steps in orchard management.

Wish Farms Betting Big on Organic Blueberries

State-of-the-art operation in Central Florida built and equipped to meet growing marketplace demand.

Florida Strawberry Pickers Rise to the Challenge for Charity

Fifth annual fundraising event harvests nearly $100,000 for Redlands Christian Migrant Association.

IFTA Talking Honeycrisp Apples in New Zealand

While availability is widespread in the states, the popular pome fruit is a managed variety for Kiwis.

Young Farmers Learning Straight From the Source

Crop of emerging industry leaders from Florida step out of the field to visit with state lawmakers on their turf.

When it Comes to Agriculture, Count on Change

Facing challenges to success in new growth areas, Florida producers are required and ready to adapt again.

Farming Should Resolve to Protect, Nourish, and Engage

Success in agriculture industry leadership, stewarship, and advocacy starts from the ground up.

Guard Your Vegetable Crops Against Gray Mold

Learn how to identify, the survival and spread, as well as management methods for this common disease.

Florida Citrus Growers Not Backing Down from Destruction or Disease

Hurricane takes the wind out of a good crop, but many aim to nurse trees back to health as best they can.

Young Farmer Determined to Grow Wiser, Not Older

GenNext Grower Justin Sorrells looks back to see what the future might hold.

Future Looks Bright for Organic Produce Growth

Changing demographics and technology bode well for expanding sector’s demand and sales.

Florida Dry Season Stuck in Rain Delay

La Niña, where art thou? Normal wintertime weather pattern taking a walk on the wet side in Sunshine State.

Scale of NAFTA Weighing Down on Florida Farmers

Load not getting lighter as balance sought for the state’s specialty crop producers.

Go for the Win by Growing What You Love

May I get a drum roll, please? In the category recognizing 2018’s Herb of the Year, the honor […]

Flu Epidemic Sparks Surge in Orange Juice Sales

Clamoring for any remedy amid illness, consumers spiking sales of the citrus-based beverage for first time in five years.

Why Hops Should Be Considered a Superfood

The essential ingredient in beer carries with it benefits beyond just bittering and aroma.

Cold Weather Puts New Northern Citrus Plantings to the Test

Growers and researchers in North Florida and southern Georgia assess freeze protection tactics and crop tolerance to the extreme.

Online Retailing Ripe for Produce Picking

Amazon and others are getting into the fresh produce game, presenting opportunities for growers.

Ancient Tree Has Modern Potential for Florida Growers

Pongamia might have a fit in Florida for its oil, feed, and other byproduct output.

Innovative Forum Geared to Let Food, Farming, and Tech Leaders Mix it Up

Stacked lineup of relevant AgTech topic discussions set to spark solutions at annual Forbes Mixing Bowl NYC event.