Florida Citrus Commission Sees Shrinking Budget

Florida Citrus Commission Sees Shrinking Budget

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The Florida Citrus Commission has approved a reduced advertising budget during its most recent meeting in Bartow. It is projected that next year’s budget will be $5.8 million less than the current $56.2 million. Because of the shortfall, the Commission approved an advertising budget of $12.5  million, down $1.1 million from the current year’s $13.6 million allotment. Advertising and promotion efforts are executed by the Florida Department of Citrus.

The reduction in funds comes from projected tax collection being off by $793,030 due to a smaller estimated 2012-2013 crop. In addition, there is less federal money coming in for international marketing efforts.

In his first proposed budget as executive director of the Florida Department of Citrus, Doug Ackerman requested tax rates for 2012-2013 to remain at current levels: 23₵ per box for juice oranges; 34₵ per box for grapefruit; 14₵ per box for fresh tangerines and tangelos; and 5₵ for fresh oranges.

The Commission will vote on the final budget during the Florida Citrus Industry Annual Conference in Bonita Springs on June 13.