Florida Publishes Great Resource For Agritourism Industry

Florida Publishes Great Resource For Agritourism Industry

Florida Agritourism Resource ToolKitIf you haven’t had the chance to check out the Florida Agritourism Resource Toolkit yet, you’ll want to take the time to do that now, even if your operation is not in Florida.


The publication from Florida Agritourism Association is packed with helpful articles, from how to assess your resources to understanding your potential customer base to learning how to write an effective business plan. For those operations that are actually located in Florida, this guide includes state-specific regulations you need to understand and lists the various state-level resources you can access.

Here are some of the articles included:

  • Are You UP For This? (Being Self-Employed)
  • Assessing Your Resources
  • Grow Your Chances For Agritourism Success With A Strong Business Plan
  • How Does the Public Benefit From Agritourism?
  • What Kind Of Agritourism Activity Can You Offer?
  • The Ultimate Field Trip — Who Are My Target Markets?
  • What Makes A Successful Agritourism Operation?
  • Developing A Business Plan For Your Agritourism Adventure
  • Writing A Business Plan — Getting Started
  • Retail Sales At Your Agritourism Operation
  • Food And Refreshment Sales
  • Lodging At Your Tourism Business?