New York Grape Meeting Will Address Winter Injury

The Finger Lakes Grape Program in New York will be holding a field meeting on Thursday, Feb. 13 to discuss the impacts of the recent cold temperatures that have caused significant winter injury in some parts of the Finger Lakes. The agenda includes a review of how to evaluate buds for injury, including the opportunity to practice cutting some buds for those who would like to, and some potential pruning strategies in response to various levels of injury. Jason Londo, from the Grape Genetics Research Unit at the Experiment Station in Geneva, NY, will also be there to discuss some of his recent work regarding how different species and varieties of grapes adapt to winter conditions, and some of the implications of that information for growers. Finally, there will be discussions on how crop insurance can be used to mitigate financial risks on the farm, including winter injury.

There is no cost for the meeting, but early registration is recommnded. To register, call 315-536-5134 or go to

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