Texas Wines Must Be Made Mostly From Texas Grapes

Texas Wines Must Be Made Mostly From Texas Grapes

In a major rules announcement, the Texas Department of Agriculture recently proposed that future use of the “GO TEXAN” mark on wine packaging will require that 75% of the grapes used to make the wine be from Texas. This replaces the existing rule under which none of the grapes must be from Texas and makes GO TEXAN labeling consistent with Federal appellation labeling.


According to the website “CRAVE dfw” (Dallas-Fort Worth) the change is a huge win for three groups.

It is a huge win, first of all, for Texas wine consumers who can now be sure that a wine with the familiar “GO TEXAN” mark on the label, from the 2014 vintage forward, is at least 75% Texas grapes. To see if a wine is 100% Texas grapes the consumer will still have to consult the back label and read the winery’s description of the wine.

It is a huge win, second, for Texas winemakers. They will no longer have to compete with people who bring in cheap wine in tanker cars from out of state and use the GO TEXAN logo to embellish their product with a false and undeserved Texas identity.

The third winner is Texas grape growers who will see an increase in demand for their grapes as consumers seeking Texas wines are more accurately able to discern a true Texas product, and consumers who start to buy Texas wine because of the renewed integrity of the GO TEXAN logo.

Source: CRAVE dfw