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tomato juice glass and tomatoes
August 10, 2017
Getting to the Bottom of Better-Tasting Tomato Juice
Examining the essence of the problem, University of Florida scientists are seeking to squeeze more flavor into popular beverage. Read More
June 27, 2017
Study Zeroes in on Sweet Spot for Florida Blueberries
Taste test proves farmers, marketers, and parents should be cognizant of kids’ consumer clout. Read More
fork digging into a plate full of salad
March 21, 2017
Since When Did Eating Get So Complicated? [Opinion]
The bottom line to all this is the way we eat is undergoing massive disruption. Read More
Brussels Sprout on a fork
February 16, 2017
Food Trends Driving Growth Opportunities for Florida Farmers
More niche markets emerging for growers to give consumers what they want and need. Read More
shish kabobs on the grill
November 19, 2015
7 Food Predictions For 2016
UF/IFAS experts forecast what will be making it to more plates in the coming year. Read More
December 17, 2014
6 Food Trends For 2015
University of Florida experts predict what will be cooking for the upcoming year. Read More
The Latest
August 23, 2017
Varroa Mite Researchers Talk High Infest…
In 2016, The New York State Beekeeper Tech Team (which is attached to Cornell University’s Dyce Lab Beekeeping Resources) found that Read More
Citrus Achievement Award
August 23, 2017
Citrus Achievement Award Winner Knows Ho…
Growing citrus indoors can help protect it from the citrus psyllid and the deadly disease it vectors. Read More
August 23, 2017
Advice From the FDA on How Growers Can K…
Want tips that will keep your operation on the right side of the FDA when it comes to food safety? American Vegetable Grower® decided the best advice would come directly from the FDA itself.  Read More
More Vegetables
August 23, 2017
20 Pepper Varieties You Need to Know
Leading seed breeders and distributors highlight some of the latest pepper varieties available. Read More
Crop Protection
August 23, 2017
New Biological Fungicide Approved for Fr…
Howler fungicide, developed by AgBiome, receives EPA registration for high-value, specialty crops. Read More
GenNext Growers
August 22, 2017
Top Alternative Crops GenNext Growers Sh…
Now is a good time for you to think about what new selections might pay off. Read More
Insect Control
August 22, 2017
Stink Bug Threatens High-Dollar Crops in…
While populations are low, it appears invasive pest has recently stumbled upon the state’s peaches and almonds. Read More
Grapefruit & Specialty
August 22, 2017
More Florida Citrus Producers Pondering …
Local farmers are sweet on the prospect of growing the acid fruit. Read More
August 22, 2017
Columnist Wins Prestigious Plant Breeder…
John Clark, who writes a column for American Fruit Grower® and Western Fruit Grower® magazines, is honored with National Plant Breeders Association Impact Award. Read More
Apple Grower of the Year
August 22, 2017
U.S. Apple Association Hosts Annual Appl…
American Fruit Grower® and Western Fruit Grower® magazine’s 2017 Apple Grower of the Year will be officially presented on Thursday, Aug. 24, during the first day of the conference. Read More
Farm Management
August 21, 2017
NAFTA Renegotiation Long Overdue for Flo…
Specialty crop growers in the Sunshine State seek relief from unfair trade deal. Read More
August 21, 2017
Take Alternative Routes to Find Conventi…
In order to grow, things have to change. Are you ready? Read More
Apples & Pears
August 20, 2017
APHIS Seeks Comments on Risk Removal for…
Dormant live cuttings from countries in the European Union must currently go through pest risk assessment. Read More
Varieties & Rootstocks
August 19, 2017
Pressure Is on to Pick and Plant Citrus …
With even more variety selections available, information and communication are keys to success. Read More
August 19, 2017
More Forage Grants Distributed in Honor …
National forage program is scattering seeds from New York to California to celebrate pollinators. Read More
August 18, 2017
Bayer Aims Research Prowess at Defeating…
Company enters collaboration with Citrus Research and Development Foundation to uncover antibacterial and plant defense tools against the disease. Read More
August 18, 2017
How Florida Growers are Fine-Tuning Citr…
Some are tweaking nutrition programs to focus on root health along with foliar applications. Read More
August 17, 2017
How Wicked Will Winter 2018 Be in the U.…
The 200th edition of the Farmers’ Almanac reveals wide-ranging weather patterns and events that would require everything from shovels to shorts. Read More