What are the Top Vegetables Americans Love and Love to Hate?

What are the Top Vegetables Americans Love and Love to Hate?

We’ve all heard the saying a time or two (thousand): “Eat your vegetables!” Whether the request/demand is coming from your mom, doctor, or nursery rhyme, the health benefits of consuming vegetables is hard to argue. But, are we listening? A survey conducted for VeggieTracker.com — a brand of Dr. Praeger’s Purely Sensible Foods — sought to find out how Americans really feel about vegetables.


Beyond learning what crops were favored for flavor and others that are more likely pushed off to the side of plates, the informal survey of 2,000 Americans uncovered a few other interesting stats:

  • 72% of poll respondents wished they ate more veggies than they currently do
  • 25% said they’ve never eaten a vegetable
  • 25% of respondents said the biggest reason they don’t eat more vegetables is that their produce rots before they get a chance to eat it
  • 25% respondents said vegetables cost too much
  • 22% said they take too much time to prepare
  • 19% said they don’t how to cook vegetables properly

Scroll the slideshow above to see the Top 5 vegetables Americans love to eat and 5 others they love to hate.

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