Nominate A Tomato Variety

Nominate A Tomato Variety

Do you grow and sell tomatoes? If so, an Ohio State University team at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center would like to hear from you. The team has been working on a project to help ensure that commercial tomato growers benefit as much as possible from their investments in grafted tomato plants. As the research project began nearly eight years ago, the focus now is on identifying tomato rootstock and scion varieties ideal for combining into grafted plants.


Currently, more than 80 rootstock varieties and more than 100 scion (fruiting) varieties are available to commercial tomato growers in the U.S. Together, this group represents more than 8,000 potential rootstock-scion combinations. Clearly, the best varieties to include in experiments are ones that growers nominate or grow as ungrafted plants.

Tomato growers are invited to steer this new project by nominating their choice of varieties to include in the project. Participation is free and growers remain anonymous.

To nominate varieties by the Nov. 1 deadline, growers may contact Dr. Matt Kleinhenz at 330-263-3810 or email [email protected] Growers also can nominate varieties by completing a short Variety Nomination form online at this website: The website also provides additional details on the project.