6 Stories That Stirred the Specialty Crop Pot in 2017

During the last 12 months, there has been plenty to talk about regarding the specialty crop sector. Along the way, Growing Produce editors have crafted and published hundreds articles covering news and analysis of crops, production, farm management, and more. Below is a sampling of feature articles that really resonated with readers (based on interaction) inside and even outside of the specialty crop market. Click on the links, recall, and let us know what struck a chord with you in 2017. Thanks for reading and have a Happy New Year!


Impressions from Irma Indelible on the Florida Farmscape [Slideshow]
Without a doubt, Hurricane Irma’s onslaught was the story of the year for Florida growers, as the massive storm impacted the whole state. Striking images from the field helped tell the story, which is still unfolding months later.

Debunking the Myth of Calcium and Fruit Quality
Nutrient management and crop quality clearly go hand in hand; but not always in the ways you might think.

Will H-2A Become H-2C? Find Out What the New Bill Proposes
Labor is still the top concern for most growers. So when a bill aiming to replace H-2A was introduced, the industry took notice.

3 GMO, Late-Blight-Resistant Potato Varieties Get EPA Approval
The introduced genetic material from wild potato varieties helps make these unique selections disease-resistant. But will consumers bite?

Precision in Specialty Crops Gains Momentum
The future is now when it comes to key drivers that may transform your farm in the years ahead.

How Wicked Will Winter 2018 Be in the U.S.?
Whether you refer to them or not, the Farmers’ Almanac and Old Farmer’s Almanac are still widely read. The annual weather predictions always pique interest.