Closing The Global Gap On Grapefruit

February is National Grapefruit Month and the Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC) is generating awareness, encouraging consumption, and driving sales for the fruit in the U.S. and abroad.


Domestically, we are seeking to grow the grapefruit market among young women ages 25 to 44. To make our product relevant, we must align grapefruit with their lifestyle needs and communicate through popular channels.
Our target is interested in health and wellness, fitness, beauty, and taste. They are influential thought leaders who use social media to keep in touch with their friends and acquaintances.

Social Media Awareness

FDOC launched the Juicy Scoop page on Facebook to facilitate an interactive dialogue about grapefruit and to establish a central location for well-being women to share the latest tips. Once tips are posted, Facebook extends the message by delivering a personal recommendation to each woman’s friends to visit the Juicy Scoop at
FDOC supported the launch of the Juicy Scoop and drove traffic through advertising on Facebook. In addition to traditional banner ads, we engaged users through interactive applications designed to convert them to Juicy Scoop fans. By the end of 2010, our fan base exceeded 10,000.
To extend our messages beyond Facebook, FDOC posted Juicy Scoop comments on Twitter, providing another popular social media platform to share Florida grapefruit with their friends.

Spreading The Word

As our target consumers headed to the gym to stay fit in the new year, we showcased Florida grapefruit messages on super-sized advertising panels in nearly 700 health clubs. A majority of gym visitors stop at a grocery store following their workout and we delivered a coupon for $1 off fresh grapefruit or grapefruit juice to drive purchases.
This month, we’ll also be taking Florida grapefruit to the streets to encourage the discovery or rediscovery of Florida grapefruit. In Atlanta, Boston, Philadelphia, and Miami, we will host the Juicy Scoop Experience in major malls to show how Florida grapefruit supports health and beauty while delivering refreshing taste. The live Juicy Scoop experience also will be shared via Facebook.

International Flavor

FDOC executed grapefruit marketing efforts in Japan, select European countries, and Canada. In addition, Korea was identified this year as a new market with growth potential. International efforts focused on three target audiences:
– Trade: to inform key importers and retailers about the crop and marketing plans, foster positive relationships, and encourage program participation.
– Consumers: to educate consumers about the product attributes of Florida citrus, generate trials, and build demand.
– Media: to create excitement around citrus season and generate maximum editorial coverage.
FDOC hosted Japanese trade seminars in Tokyo and Osaka. The audience included key importers and retailers, U.S. Embassy staff, media, Florida Citrus Commissioner Mike Garavaglia, FDOC International Marketing Director Mike Yetter, and agency personnel.
In Stockholm, Sweden, FDOC participated in The Good Kitchen Fair, a consumer show that drew more than 31,000 consumers and 300 journalists. FDOC sampled Florida grapefruit and distributed consumer information and recipes.
FDOC hosted an evening gathering of influential food bloggers in a Parisian loft featuring a Florida grapefruit dinner party menu. Product information, recipes, and food entertaining ideas with Florida grapefruit were disseminated to media.
In select countries, FDOC partnered with key retailers to reach consumers at the point of purchase with displays, store signage, and sampling.
In addition, retailers delivered grapefruit messages through newspaper inserts, in-store publications, print advertising, radio promotions, and websites to drive sales. FDOC will continue to execute vital marketing programs during key grapefruit season.