Growers Report Bitter Rot On Apples

Photo credit: Kari Peter)

Photo credit: Kari Peter

Kari Peter of Penn State University writes that many growers are seeing incidents of bitter rot following some wet weather. Peter encourages growers to spray protectants for varieties to be harvested.

“The bitter rot fungus can be quite stealthy. You may see beautiful, blemish-free fruit going into cold storage, only to open up the storages a few months later with a big surprise in your bins: a lot of fruit with rot,” she writes. “Bitter rot spores can land on the fruit and lie in wait until they receive the right cues to cause infection.”


Peter says the spores that could lie on unprotected fruit can slow down in cold storage, but will still be present. Also, 2 inches of rain can wash off any fungicides, so fruit destined for cold storage should be protected.

For tips on treatment and what to look for, visit the site.

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