USApple’s ‘Munch Madness’ Tournament Bracket is Set

USApple’s ‘Munch Madness’ Tournament Bracket is Set

The U.S. Apple Association is excited to bring back its annual ‘Munch Madness’ interactive tournament-style web bracket for its third year. The four-week, four-round online competition encourages consumers to get in on the action by voting for their favorite apple varieties during a month-long game — all leading up to the final round and ultimate apple winner.


Voting begins today, as throughout March, apple fans can visit the official 2018 Munch Madness bracket at to cast a ballot for their beloved apple varieties. The varieties with the most votes advance weekly. Participants can come back each week to help their favorite apples advance through each round:

Round 1 (March 1-7): Vitamin-C Sixteen

Round 2 (March 8-14): Edible Eight

Round 3 (March 15-21): Fiber Four

Round 4 (March 22-28): National Chomp-ionship

Winner (March 30): National Chomp-ion Announced

“Munch Madness is the perfect opportunity for the public to combine its favorite spring pastime of filling out college basketball brackets with its favorite fruit, apples,” says Tracy Grondine, Director of Consumer Health and Media Relations at USApple. “This fun, interactive game engages the public, while educating them about many different apple varieties and their flavor profiles.”

Apple lovers can follow along on USApple’s social media channels: Facebook (@USApples) and Twitter (@US_Apples), #MunchMadness.

The 2018 Munch Madness bracket is filled with the top 16 apple varieties based on dollar sales volume and seeded in traditional format pitting 1 vs. 16, 2 vs. 15, and so on.