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Vineyard Labor Downsized GP
April 25, 2016
Vineyards Honored For Sustainability
California Green Medal recognizes wineries and vineyards with a focus on sustainability. Read More
These employees and/or labor contractors at McManis Family Vineyards represent nearly 70 years of experience.  (Photo credit: David Eddy)
April 21, 2016
McManis Family Vineyards: Treating Employees Like Family
It’s no coincidence that more than half the full-time vineyard workers at McManis Family Vineyards have been with the company for 20-plus years. Read More
The restoration of this secondary channel of the Napa River was made possible through the Rutherford Reach Restoration Project.
Photo: Gretchen Hayes
February 10, 2016
Restoring The Napa River
The Napa River, which has helped create soil perfect for grape-growing in the Napa Valley, is in danger. Fortunately, conscientious Read More
The canopy of the vines that received the under-canopy sprinkler irrigation just on hot nights during heatwaves appear to be healthier than the control vines and have a higher yield.
Photo: Michael McCarthy
February 5, 2016
Researchers Test New Method To Mitigate Vine Heat Stress
The use of evaporative cooling in vineyards during hot weather isn’t a new concept, but researchers in Australia are testing Read More
La Crescent produces a good quality white wine with apricot-like flavor. The off-dry, sweet white wine pairs well with appetizers, seafood and chicken. La Crescent has excellent winter hardiness with moderate disease resistance that requires a standard spray program.
February 4, 2016
Northern Grapes Project Fuels A Market For Cold-Hardy Grapes
 There’s a burgeoning market for cold-weather grapes. The Northern Grapes Project, funded in 2011 by a USDA National Institute of Read More
November 17, 2015
Grape Seed Color Not Helpful In Assessing Wine Tannins
Washington State University researchers debunk common myth. Read More
This Chardonnay vine shows the apoplectic stage of Esca. Note the sudden death of vines surrounded by healthy looking vines. (Photo credit: Judit Monis)
October 19, 2015
Washington Grape Growers Plan Annual Meeting
The Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers 2016 Annual Meeting, Convention, and Trade Show will be heldon February 9-11, 2016, held at the Three Rivers Convention Center in Kennewick, WA. Read More
Frontenac is an extremely cold hardy, red wine grape. It has been used to produce dry red wine, rosé, and port. The deep-colored wines have cherry, blackberry, black currant, and plum notes that pair well with duck, pheasant, lamb, beef, pasta dishes. Frontenac produces grapes with high sugar and high acidity, so acid reducing techniques are often used by the winemaker.
August 14, 2015
Sulfur Spray Best Practices For Winegrapes
New research helps growers determine how close to harvest they can safely spray elemental sulfur. Read More
Slideshow: Fox Run Vineyards
August 14, 2015
Research Seeks To Find Better Grapevine Roots
Rootstocks have benefits, but research shows there’s no silver bullet. Read More
July 30, 2015
Drought’s Impact On California Winegrapes
The impact is minimal this year, but the future is uncertain if the drought continues. Read More
The Latest
GenNext Growers
May 5, 2016
Washington Apple Education Foundation Aw…
Funded through donations, scholarship fund reaches major milestone. Read More
Crop Protection
May 5, 2016
Michigan Researcher Leads $2.3-Million G…
Michigan State’s Mary Hausbeck along with a multistate research team will work to enhance and refine early detection methods, allowing growers to identify the pathogen’s presence in the air -- before it infects fields. Read More
May 4, 2016
University of California Sued Over Straw…
This time it’s a private strawberry breeding company, which says the statewide breeding program has been decimated by UC-Davis. Read More
May 4, 2016
$6 Million Available For Antimicrobial R…
Program to develop strategies to reduce public health risks in food chain. Read More
May 3, 2016
New Program Targets Abandoned California…
Bayer and California Citrus Mutual have teamed up to help protect the state’s commercial citrus industry from deadly citrus greening. Read More
May 3, 2016
How To Build A Better Beetle Trap
UF/IFAS study on luring, snaring the notorious redbay ambrosia beetle earns prestigious award. Read More
May 3, 2016
New Cantaloupe, Pumpkin, And Squash Seed…
New varieties developed at the University of New Hampshire are the result of the longest continuous squash and pumpkin breeding program in North America. Read More
Crop Protection
May 3, 2016
Almond Board To Hold Three Weed Manageme…
The second in a series of free educational workshops aimed at the state’s almond growers will cover weed identification and Read More
Food Safety
May 2, 2016
Department Of Justice Investigates Dole …
Salad mix packaged at the company’s Ohio facility has been connected to four deaths. Read More
May 2, 2016
As Hurricane Season Nears, South Florida…
All basins around the region experience rainfall deficits during April as totals fall far below average. Read More
May 2, 2016
USDA Offers New Loans For Portable Farm …
Portable equipment can help producers, including small and local farmers, get products to market quickly. Read More
May 2, 2016
The Importance Of Producing Crops On Wel…
Many farmland protection options and tools have been suggested and used in efforts to slow the rate of farmland losses around the country. Read More
Leafy Vegetables
May 2, 2016
Electronic Eye Detects Decay Inside Bagg…
Researchers develop a way to help select breeding lines that will yield cut lettuce with a longer shelflife. Read More
May 2, 2016
California Almond Acreage Up 6%
The increase follows a trend in which acreage has doubled in the last 20 years. Read More
Farm Management
May 2, 2016
USDA Unveils New Urban Agriculture Toolk…
For urban farmers and agribusiness entrepreneurs, the toolkit is an electronic document that helps users navigate more than 70 resources, including technical assistance and financing opportunities. Read More
May 2, 2016
13 Of The Latest Cucumber Varieties
Check out this slideshow for more details on 13 cucumber varieties you need to know about from the nation’s leading seed breeders and Read More
Apples & Pears
May 1, 2016
USApple Debuts New Website
Industry group says new site is responsive to different formats, designed to be more consumer and industry friendly. Read More
Crop Protection
April 30, 2016
How To Elect The Right Fungicide For The…
Fungicide application is one tool of a successful IPM program for crop diseases. Used judiciously and appropriately, these chemicals are powerful allies in the fight against the fungi and bacteria that attack crops. Read More
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