First Recalculations for the 2021-2022 Florida Citrus Crop Estimate

The 2021-2022 Florida citrus season is just getting warmed up. However, there already is a shift in the original crop forecast, according to the latest report from USDA.


The government agency is now projecting the all-Florida orange crop to come in at 46 million boxes, which is down 1 million boxes from its initial forecast released in October. The new figure is broken out as 18 million boxes of mid-season, navel varieties and 28 million boxes of Valencia fruit. If the amounts hold, USDA notes it will be 13% less than last season’s final production.

On the flip side, the new estimate for grapefruit production took an upturn. The December report now has grapefruit production at 4.1 million boxes, up from 3.8 million boxes given in the October forecast. The updated figure would be equal to last season’s output. Per USDA, fruit size of red grapefruit at harvest is projected to be above average, and fruit drop is projected to be below average.

“Today’s forecast underscores why support from leadership and policymakers is so important,” says Shannon Shepp, Executive Director of the Florida Department of Citrus. “This is an industry that continues to fight and remains a vital component of the state’s economy.”

The next citrus crop report is scheduled for release on Jan. 12, 2022. Stay tuned.

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