10 Precision Companies to Watch for U.S. Specialty Crop Markets

The world of precision agriculture technology is as fast moving as it is complex. Companies that at first appeared viable for the long run have long nabbed their long-awaited venture capital exits, and the segment potentially will appear dramatically different in six months from any market snapshot we capture today.


Still, it’s worth knowing who the major players are and what they are working on to get a good idea of where the market is headed in the future.

The technologies moving the needle at the grower and service provider levels have shifted to more soft goods, such as offerings enriched by artificial intelligence and machine learning, digital algorithms in mobile software to process and identify potential issues from aerial imagery scans, and now-concept-but-soon-to-be-reality technologies like blockchain.

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Scan the slideshow above to see a list of precision technology companies we at GrowingProduce.com and its related brand titles feel have a chance to move the needle with specialty crop growers in the next year or two. Feel free to contact me ([email protected]) if you disagree with our choices, or you’d like to get a company or product on our radar that you feel we’ve left out.