How One Arizona Lettuce Grower Uses Instagram to Make Farming Cool Again

Ag marketers have mostly bought in by now, but farmers have struggled for years now with a relatively simple decision: to Instagram, or not to Instagram?

An industry that embraced the other two major social networks (Facebook and Twitter) early on has mostly held the segment’s newest, glitteriest entries (SnapChat, Instagram, etc.) at arms’ length while pondering whether adding yet another social media platform to the “workload” is really worth it.

We all know farmers love data. They love sitting back in their easy chair and looking at it on a tablet, visualizing what it represents for their fields and operations, and they love when it helps make a once-tough management decision easier.


The Data

Instagram, or The ‘Gram as your hip teenage niece probably calls it, is now, according to social media metrics compiler, the third highest monthly usage social media platform, having surpassed the one billion monthly log ins mark in 2019.

Additionally, 71% of all users of the platform are in that under-35 demographic that marketers are perpetually trying to reach. That’s in addition to the 35% of all active online adults – 28% of them U.S.-based, that also regularly check the site.

The Verdict: Clearly, if you’ve got the time, a compelling visual story to tell, and the right tools in which to tell that story, Instagram should probably be on your radar.

Insta Power User

How One Arizona Lettuce Grower Uses Instagram to Make Farming Cool Again


A good example of a vegetable grower using Instagram in a unique and compelling fashion is Yuma, AZ, farmer Jon Dinsmore, aka @thefarmerjon.

A fourth-generation vegetable, hay, and grain farmer and the father of five, Dinsmore harvests iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce, red and green mix lettuce, cauliflower, and broccoli, in a stunning agricultural valley that lends itself quite well to Instagram.

While most others are busy posting poolside selfies and images of their latest Instagram-able meal at the local farm-to-table restaurant (not judging, just saying), @thefarmerjon followers are more likely to happen across a shot of Dinsmore’s John Deere tractor getting repaired in the field, or even a post showing a sparkling irrigation ditch at sunset, explaining where Arizona’s desert-growing farmers get their water from. It’s a nice mix of equal parts education, entertainment, and good-old-fashioned farm family fun, in this author’s opinion.

So, if that sort of thing is up your alley, check out the gallery above for a few examples of some of John’s most-compelling, ag-focused Instagram posts. And go ahead and give him a follow if you’re on there.