Ideas For How To Label Your Products [Photo Gallery]

Ideas For How To Label Your Products [Photo Gallery]

Owning a farm marketing business calls on skill sets never anticipated. For those who have spent most of their lives working fields, vineyards, and orchards, it’s enough of a stretch to learn how to run a retail operation. Hidden in running a farm market, however, are many unexpected specialties you’ll need to master — advertising, merchandising, and many others similar skills.


If you bottle or can your fruit and vegetables, you can add one more skill set needed: designing a label.

During a tour of farm markets in the Vancouver area hosted by North American Farm Direct Marketing Association [NAFDMA], I saw a lot of local farms selling canned and bottled products. In other words, I saw a lot of labels.

The photo gallery above features many of the labels I saw. Take note how the labels not only include legally required information, but also marketing messages that make the product more appealing.