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Leafy Vegetables
August 20, 2014
Tanimura & Antle Introduces New Lettuce Variety 
The California grower now offers George T’s Colossal Romaine Heart, in honor of the company's founder, George Tanimura. Read More
Leafy Vegetables
June 18, 2014
Brussels Sprouts And Kale Hybrid To Debut
Called Kalettes, the product was developed by Tozer Seeds in England and will debut in the U.S. in the fall. Read More
Crop Protection
May 23, 2014
Keep Eyes And Ears Open For Corn Wireworms
Learn how to ID, the survival and spread, as well as management methods for this vegetable pest. Read More
Disease Control
May 20, 2014
Understanding Black Rot In Cole Crops
Results from DNA fingerprinting identify new strains of black rot in New York annually, and the new strains are the predominant ones each year. Read More
Leafy Vegetables
April 25, 2014
California Leafy Greens Pest Update
An unusual soil pest and drought conditions present unique challenges for California growers. Read More
Food Safety
April 2, 2014
Study Shows Treating Spinach With Viruses Reduces E. Coli Concentrations
A Purdue University study shows that treating food products with bacteriophages, which are viruses that kill bacteria, may significantly lower concentrations of E. coli. Read More
Food Safety
February 7, 2014
Find Out How E. Coli And Salmonella Work In Spinach And Lettuce
California field studies on E. coli and Salmonella will lead to better food safety policies. Read More
Leafy Vegetables
January 10, 2014
Planting And Thinning Recommendations For Lettuce
Recommendations for growers to improve thinning in lettuce varieties using automated thinners. Read More
Kid Holding Plate Of Veggies
December 13, 2013
Experts Serve Up Top Food Trends For 2014
See several predictions that may end up on your plate in the coming year. Read More
December 12, 2013
2013 Vegetable Variety Showcase
Browse through more than 150 of the latest varieties from the nation's leading seed breeders and distributors. Read More
Farm Management
December 4, 2013
USDA Ends Plan For National Leafy Greens Food Safety Program
USDA issued a federal register notice terminating the proposal to create the National Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement. Read More
Leafy Vegetables
December 2, 2013
New Leader Tabbed For South Florida Research And Education Center
Longtime vegetable entomologist looking to grow cooperative efforts for research as interim director of UF/IFAS Everglades facility. Read More
Leafy Vegetables
November 26, 2013
High Tunnel School: Winter Greens And Tour
Learn more about this season extension technique at Cornell Cooperative Extension in Batavia, NY. Read More
Food Safety
November 14, 2013
Leafy Greens Group Says It’s Compliant With Food Safety Modernization Act
California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement says its food safety program not only meets the proposed requirements of FSMA, but it exceeds the requirements of the new law. Read More
Group of vegetables laid out on table
October 31, 2013
56 Can’t-Miss Vegetable Varieties For Florida
Leading seed companies highlight high-performance varieties suited for Florida's growers. Read More
The Latest
November 20, 2017
Lack of Crop Insurance a Risky Business …
In light of what Hurricane Irma stirred up, now is a good time to review how well you cover your assets. Read More
Disease Control
October 31, 2017
Novel Biofungicide Approved for Grapes, …
Marrone Bio Innovations says new product has proven highly effective for controlling downy mildews and white molds. Read More
Leafy Vegetables
October 2, 2017
Yuma Growers Embrace Precision Productio…
The arid climate and a labor shortage have fostered fertile ground for high-tech growing methods. Read More
Crop Protection
May 14, 2017
Springtail Is an Unexpected Vegetable Pe…
One springtail species is targeting germinating seeds, impacting seedling growth. Read More
Food Safety
April 12, 2017
No Need for Hysteria Over Reports of Lis…
A recent Purdue study says current food safety practices aren't killing listeria in romaine lettuce tissue. Rutger's Richard VanVranken says the report isn't as alarming as it sounds. Read More
Crop Protection
March 10, 2017
Nematicide Now Available in California, …
Velum One from Bayer also suppresses foliar diseases, increases yields. Read More
Crop Protection
March 9, 2017
New Organic Seed Treatment for Spinach
Germains Seed Technology launches ProBio SafeGuard that will be distributed through Holaday Seed Company. Read More
Leafy Vegetables
March 8, 2017
The Dos and Don’ts of Growing Greenhouse…
Thinking of adding growing vegetables under cover? Here are a few things you need to consider first. Read More
Disease Control
February 23, 2017
Spot Sclerotinia Before It Stops Your Ve…
Learn how to identify, the survival and spread, as well as management methods for this malady that goes by many names. Read More
Business Planning
February 15, 2017
Are Retailers Your New Competition?
Target will be following a trend that is already under way in Germany and China: offering shoppers greens that are grown right there in the store. Read More
Leafy Vegetables
January 30, 2017
Researchers Identify 8 Spinach Varieties…
Scientists analyzed hundreds of spinach plants to find ones with less oxalate, a compound linked to kidney stones. Read More
Leafy Vegetables
January 30, 2017
The Secret to Expanding Your Acreage? Pa…
Uesugi Farms increases 50-fold through smart alliances. Read More
Disease Control
January 20, 2017
Don’t Let Stemphylium Leaf Spot St…
Learn how to identify, the survival and spread, as well as management methods for this vegetable disease. Read More
Crop Protection
January 10, 2017
New Research May Help in the Fight Again…
The findings depict the first time that a viral effector protein has been seen as attracting insect vectors to feed on plants through odor.  Read More
Crop Protection
January 5, 2017
Labor, Efficiency, and the Future of Wee…
Increases in labor costs will affect the costs of production of vegetable crops in California, so growers will have to take advantage of production practices that help reduce weed pressure. Read More
Crop Protection
January 5, 2017
Scientists Aim to Improve Nitrogen, Wat…
Genetic research intends to develop varieties with enhanced nutrient uptake. Read More
Leafy Vegetables
December 21, 2016
BMPs Key to South Florida Water Quality …
Growers, researchers working to reduce phosphorus loads in Everglades Ag Area. Read More
December 20, 2016
3 New Fungicide Product Options for Vege…
Unique modes of action the main feature of modern chemistries. Read More